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We will provide you with the people you need, exactly when you need them.
We have full capability for all your temporary, contract and permanent assignments, covering a range of technical sectors. We are also your gateway to a global network of high-calibre talent. And if you don’t have the in-house resources or accommodation to carry out a project, we always have engineering teams at our own facilities.

We know engineers because we are engineers.
Expleo Group employs 15,000 people across the globe, and we have an excellent record of staff retention in the engineering sector. We are run by experienced engineers and qualified technical recruiters who can offer you informed, constructive market advice.

We are backed by experience as well as innovation.
Our engineering experience is built on more than four decades within specialist sectors, supported by extensive technological ability and in-depth knowledge. We employ state-of-the-art recruitment databases and client-branded web portals, and continually invest in new and innovative business applications.

We are where you are.
With 15,000 employees and a worldwide presence in 25+ countries, our global footprint includes excellence centres around the world with experience in a broad range of technologies across key industries. In other words, we are your local global recruitment specialists.


I required an Engineering Service Provider that could satisfy my internal recruitment opportunities and deliver Engineering Solutions to be carried out off-site. In utilising Expleo we have been able to grow with confidence that we have an engineering partner able to support us quickly and effectively across all our programmes.

Aerospace Company – Chief Engineer

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